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Welcome to APSEC Funds Management – Celebrating 8 Years of Investing Better.

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APAEF Limited Time Discount Investment Offer

Until September 30, current clients of any Amalgamated Australian Investment Group (AAIG) business are eligible to invest in the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund (APAEF) at a discount rate of up to 50 basis points.**

The APAEF, which celebrated it’s 7-year Anniversary milestone in June, is a long-bias equity market product which typically buys or short sells Australian listed securities and ASX 200 futures contracts, with a core focus on downside protection.

Risk management is an essential part of our DNA. We are not prepared to accept large drawdowns in the funds entrusted to us by our investors, which is the reality faced by all long-only fund managers when markets move against them.

These active hedging and trading strategies helped protect and grow investor capital during the COVID-19 led market crash, and have powered the Fund’s long-term market outperformance.

Reasons to Invest

Money Management recently featured the APAEF as one of only six Australian Equity funds that have made money in 2020, as the sector lost 9.5%. The article states: “According to FE Analytics, within the Australian Core Strategies universe, there were 227 funds in the sector but only six had performed positively over the six months.”
The best-performing fund in the sector was the APSEC Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund which returned 24% during the period. Read more here.




The APAEF’s risk management and proactive trading mantra has allowed the Fund to significantly outperform the market since inception, and also smooth out volatility during market downturns.


* Annualised returns since inception in June 2013 of the Fund are 9.7% p.a. vs the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index returning 6.9% p.a. as at June 30, 2020. One Year return is 19.8% p.a. as at June 30, 2020.

In June 2020, Zenith Investment Partners awarded the APAEF an Approved Rating, validating the team, investment methodology and long term performance of the Fund.
The Fund also has a Recommended Rating from Independent Investment Research.

Zenith - Rating Approved

Meet The Team

Nicolas Bryon

Fund Manager

Nicolas has been managing multi-billion dollar portfolios for global financial institutions and numerous hedge funds for over 20 years and helped preserve and grow capital through the GFC, several crashes, corrections and recessions.

George Paxton

Fund Manager

George is an experienced fund manager and financial analyst with an extensive portfolio of financial services skills. Previous experience includes senior positions providing banks and hedge funds with actionable intelligence and analysis.

Habib Chebli

Client Relationship Manager

Habib joined APSEC Funds Management in June 2019 to act as a client liaison and develop and grow Funds Under Management (FUM) through assisting Direct Investors, SMSF Trustees and Independent Financial advisers.

Felix Trong

Client Relationship Manager

Felix joined APSEC Funds Management in May 2019 to act as a client liaison and develop and grow Funds Under Management (FUM) through assisting Direct Investors, SMSF Trustees and Independent Financial advisers

Investment Offer

For investors who are risk-averse and need decent returns to fund their lifestyle into retirement, the Fund offers an attractive solution especially in current market conditions.

As a limited time incentive for new investors to join, until September 30, we are offering AAIG clients, including HALO, Macrovue, ASR Wealth Advisers and the Australian Stock Report the following special discount rebate:

  1. Invest $100,000 or more and receive a 50 basis point discount on the management fee**, or
  2. Invest under $100,000 and receive a 25 basis point discount on the management fee**.

(Minimum Investment in the Fund is $10,000).

Simply complete your details and a member of our team will contact you to get started:

Important Fund Information

*Fund Returns are prepared on a redemption unit price basis after management and performance fees inclusive of GST. Distributions are assumed to be re-invested at the mid unit price. Individual tax is not taken into account in deriving Fund Returns. In calculating the NTA, the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund (“Fund”) asset values have been calculated using unaudited price and income estimates for the month being reported. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

**The Fund has a management fee of 2% p.a, which is calculated on a monthly basis within the unit price. This an exclusive offer for new investors into the Fund who are existing AAIG clients, who will receive the basis point discount in the management fee in the form of rebated units each month. See the Fund PDS for full information on our standard fees. Please mention this special offer to our team, so we can ensure the discounted management fee is applied to your application.