How this fundie made 17pc in March

April 27, 2020

Originally published April 27, 2020 in the Australian Financial Review by Robert Guy

Nicolas Bryon has an unorthodox belief: he actually believes in market timing.

A willingness to rebuff the accepted market wisdom warning about the perils of doing so allowed the fund manager to outshine the “time in the market” crowd with a 17.2 per cent return in March.

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Exceptional Performance in Unprecedented Market Volatility

April 7, 2020

Originally published 30 March, 2020 in the Australian Stock Report by Tim Montague-Jones.

Fears surrounding the global economic impact of a widespread COVID-19 “Coronavirus” outbreak have shaken investor confidence and sent markets around the world into meltdown. As recently as February the market was sitting at all-time highs off the back of a decade long bull run. Since then we have seen the market crash significantly coupled with wild swings in both directions. Read more

ASA May 2020 Webinar Q&A Followup

May 18, 2020
APSEC were proud to host a special ASA Member education webinar on May 15, 2020, where the Fund team discussed the importance of downside risk management in preserving and growing long-term wealth.

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May 2020 Webinar Recording

May 13, 2020

Click play to view a recording of our latest webinar titled “Insights from one of Australia’s top performing fund managers”

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March 2020 Webinar Recording

March 12, 2020

Click play to view a recording of our latest webinar titled “Are you worried about Coronavirus and Oil related market volatility? Our Fund Managers aren’t…Find out why!”

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