February 2020 Webinar Recording Cover
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Click play below to view a recording of our latest webinar titled “New year investment lessons from one of the top performing Fund Managers of 2020.”

What was covered

Despite ongoing tensions from state border closures, Australia has entered the new year on a strong footing. Low levels of viral infection, high levels of stimulus, and elevated household and business savings are underlying the potential for positive market returns in 2021.

However, there are continued reasons to remain cautious, as market valuations globally have soared, and the vast flows of stimulus throughout 2020 raise the prospect of inflation placing downward pressure on market pricing in 2021. Many investors are naturally wary of the impacts of a sudden correction, which could be triggered as soon as the upcoming reporting season when market expectations meet trading reality.

Hosts Nicolas Bryon, George Paxton and Habib Chebli showed how the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund (APAEF) is proactively repositioning our portfolio holdings to provide protection against sudden adverse market movements, and lessons for your own investment strategies.