Proven long-term protection from downside market volatility

February 16, 2022

A perfect storm of economic headwinds

The past 6 months have been a turbulent period for share market investors, with the S&P/ASX 200 down substantially from its August 2021 highs, losing -4.2% for the 6 months ending February 28, 2022. Through this challenging period, the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund (APAEF’s) focus on proactive risk management has seen the Fund return 10.5%, an excess return of 14.2%.* Read more

February 2022 Webinar Recording

February 16, 2022

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What was covered

As we’ve warned for some time, the trillions of dollars of stimulus propping up economies throughout the pandemic are now creating heightened inflationary pressures, forcing central banks to tighten monetary policy and raise interest rates sooner than planned. Read more

Six key reasons to invest in a managed fund

August 11, 2021
Data driven insights into the benefits of professional investment management

The share market is a popular investment choice for many Australians looking to grow or protect their wealth over time.

According to the ASX Australian Investor Study 2020 (1), of 19.4 million adult Australians, 46% (9 million) held investments other than their primary residence, with another 900,000 planning to begin investing in the following 12 months. Read more

The APAEF remains the top performing Australian equity fund in 2020, to 30 September, according to Money Management

November 12, 2020

Money Management in October reviewed the performance of the Australian equity sector, which has continued to deliver negative returns throughout 2020, due to the ongoing economic fallout from the global pandemic. According to FE Analytics, within the Australian Core Strategies universe, the Australian equities sector had lost -8.21% since the start of the year to 30 September 2020. Read more

How this fundie made 17pc in March

April 27, 2020

Originally published April 27, 2020 in the Australian Financial Review by Robert Guy

Nicolas Bryon has an unorthodox belief: he actually believes in market timing.

A willingness to rebuff the accepted market wisdom warning about the perils of doing so allowed the fund manager to outshine the “time in the market” crowd with a 17.2 per cent return in March.

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March 2020 Webinar Recording

March 12, 2020

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