Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund Investor Update Webinar Recording_October 2020

Click play below to view a recording of our recent webinar titled “Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund Investor Update.”

What was covered

With ongoing societal turmoil in the US leading up to the election, the second wave of the pandemic crashing over Europe, and Australia in a deep recession, many of you, naturally, have been concerned about the potential impacts of ongoing market turbulence.

This webinar will help you understand the steps the APAEF Fund Managers have taken throughout 2020 to protect your investments, and how the Fund is being positioned as new economic data continues to emerge.

Further investment options

Throughout the turbulence of 2020, the APAEF has delivered on our mandate of protecting and growing the funds entrusted to us by our investors and was recognised in October by Money Management as the top-performing Australian equities fund in the first three quarters of the year.

According to FE Analytics, the APAEF had returned 24.12%* since the start of the year to 30 September, 2020, while within the Australian Core Strategies universe, the Australian equities sector had lost -8.21%, an outperformance of 32.33%.

If you’re ready to increase your investment holdings during these volatile times, or would like to share some information on the Fund with a friend, here are some handy resources.

Latest Fund Brochure

Our Fund brochure includes all of the information a new investor would need to understand the APAEF’s investment methodology, performance and application details.

Additional Investment

How prepared is your portfolio for the next major correction? In the face of ongoing market volatility, are you ready to increase your share of the APAEF’s long-term outperformance?