Welcome to Atlantic Pacific Securities

Atlantic Pacific Securities (APSEC) is an Australian provider of investment advice and dealing services to corporate, sophisticated, professional and private clients. APSEC provides timely guidance for investments across the corporate, wholesale and retail financial markets. The APSEC approach allows our clients the freedom to participate in a wide range of financial products.

Effective from 21 March 2016 Atlantic Pacific Securities will be a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR 339 207) of Independent Advisor Solutions Pty Ltd AFSL 314 614.
ABN: 61 123 680 106. Until that date it will remain a CAR of APSEC Compliance & Administration Pty Limited (AFSL: 345 443. ABN: 30 142 148 409).


APSEC adopts integrity into its every day actions. The company's ethical moral character is based on a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one's actions.

Client Commitment

Our clients are highly valued at APSEC, as a boutique firm we have the personal services that individualises each and every client's financial goals and risk appetite.


At APSEC our team of analysts are constantly monitoring the market responding to movements for timely profitable entry and exit points.


We strive to constantly be a cut above the rest through our service; we strive to offer growth and profitability for all our clients. Our success depends on our client's success thus profitability is essential to our reputation as a successful firm.


By offering a full advisor and execution service APSEC takes the complexity out of investing. A simple phone call or email will gain you access to APSEC's full resource base.


In the modern World we have become dependent on technology. When it comes to trade execution, internal security and investment opportunities APSEC prides itself on staying abreast of new and upcoming developments.